Acceptable Formats for Electronic Art

Vector Art:
1.PDF (preferred format)
3.Adobe Illustrator – AI
Version 10, or higher
4.CorelDRAW – CDR
Version 10, or higher

Note: These formats are also acceptable for art that contains both raster/bitmap art and vector art in the same graphics file.
All files must be created in approved professional graphics software. Files saved without vector data or from unapproved software are not considered Production Ready Artwork.

Raster Art (bitmaps):
1.PDF at final imprint size
2.TIFF at final imprint size

Unacceptable Formats for Electronic Art

8.Scans of logo, letterhead or business cards
9.Page layout files
(Quark, PageMaker, InDesign)

The above formats explicitly do not comply with Production Ready Art Standards and if submitted, will incur cleanup charges. This is not a comprehensive list, rather a list of the most common unacceptable formats
Approved Professional Graphics Software

Preferred professional graphics software: Acceptable professional graphics software:
1.Adobe Illustrator CS3
2.CorelDRAW X4
1.Adobe Ilustrator - Version CS2, or higher
2.CorelDRAW -Version 12 , or higher